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Use, Sharing & Disclosure of Your Information
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Last Updated: December 8, 2011

Introduction: What This Privacy Policy Covers (“”, “we” or “our”) is committed to protecting your privacy.  This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) applies to Internet and mobile websites (the “Sites”) and services (the “Services”). The purpose of this Policy is to disclose’s practices related to information we collect from and about you and your designated gift recipients. Please read this Policy carefully.  You may select any of the links below or simply scroll down the page to read each section.  This Policy and our Terms of Use govern your use of the Services.

  1. Collection of Your Information
  2. Use, Sharing & Disclosure of Your Information
  3. Targeted Advertising, Opt-Outs & Modifications
  4. How We Keep Your Information Secure
  5. Child Protection
  6. Changes to The Privacy Policy
  7. International Users
This Policy applies to the Sites and Services only.  When you visit websites to which we link, or if you click on third party advertisements that appear on our Sites, you will be interacting with a third party that operates under its own privacy and security policies. For example, a third party website will have its own policy regarding the use of cookies and web beacons.  If you choose to obtain certain services from such third parties, the data collected by the third party is governed by that third party's privacy policy.  We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any other website from whom you request services

1. Collection of Your Information

A. Information you provide to us:
We collect the following types of personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) from and about you and/or a gift or message recipient when you set up an account (“Personal Account”) and/or  place an order on our Sites:

  • your name;
  • your address;
  • your telephone number;
  • your email address;
  • your birth date;
  • your billing information (credit card number stored in encrypted form, expiration date and billing address);
  • your reward program information; and
  • the gift and message recipient's name, address, telephone number, email address and any other information you may provide us

In addition to information collected from you when you set up a Personal Account or place an order on our Sites, we collect Personal Information about you that you provide to us in connection with:

  • online surveys;
  • catalog purchases;
  • contest and sweepstakes entries;
  • technical and customer service calls; and
  • email correspondence with us.

Note that surveys may be conducted by an independent third party and completion of surveys is voluntary.  If you do not wish to participate in a survey, simply decline to participate when asked, but we would like your feedback in order to improve our Sites and Services.

Please see Section II of this Policy to see how we use, share and disclose the above Personal Information you have provided to us.

B. Information we collect through your interaction with our Sites:
As you browse and interact with our Sites, we also collect Personal Information about you relating to:

  • how often you visit the Sites;
  • how often you use the Services;
  • how you navigate and conduct searches on the Sites;  and
  • which third party sites you hyperlink to from advertisements and other links that are contained within our Sites

Although we reserve the right to monitor Site activity, we will not disclose any online communication between you and us, except in the following circumstances:

  • when we believe, in our sole discretion, a user is acting in violation of our Terms of Use or any applicable law, rule or regulation; or
  • to protect the integrity of our Services

Please see Section II of this Policy to see how we use, share and disclose information we collect through our interaction with you.

C. Other information collected through technological methods:
When you visit our Sites, we may also collect information that does not personally identify you (“Non-Personal Information”). This information may include information regarding the operating system of the device used to access the Sites, the browser software used on such device, and Internet Protocol (“IP”) address associated with the device. Non-Personal Information is collected in order to provide you with a good user experience on the Sites. For example, we may use the information to detect problems with our server, to administer our Sites, or to better tailor and target the information and content presented to you while you are on our Sites. In addition, Non-Personal Information is compiled  and analyzed by us or by a service provider acting on our behalf on an aggregated basis.

In addition, unless you opt-out of receiving targeted advertisements or disable the use of cookies on your browser as described in III.A. below, we may use, and may allow our Affiliates or third party partners to use, technological methods such as cookies or web beacons to collect information about you. An “Affiliate” is a company that controls, is controlled by or is under common control with

Cookies are small pieces of data that may be stored on your computer, mobile device, or other similar device and are used to make the Sites easier to use and to improve effectiveness of advertising.  Cookies keep track of your preferences, what Sites or other websites you visit, any personalization you may have done, any passwords you have elected to be remembered, and what selections you have made, such as those selected in a "shopping cart." Cookies allow you to automatically access products and services offered by us that require a user “login” or “sign in.”  For example, if you have created a Personal Account, our database stores your billing and delivery information and the next time you log onto your Personal Account, our database will automatically transfer this information to the order form when you place an order. When you place an order, we send a cookie to your device browser to record the product name, category of product that you ordered, the amount paid, the order number and any referral codes.  Cookies may also measure whether you’ve seen or interacted with an advertisement on our Sites.  Cookies also allow us, our Affiliates and our third party partners to serve you with advertisements including targeted advertisements when you are on or off the Sites.  Cookies may be set on your browser when you visit our Sites, or when you open emails from us. 

Web beacons are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies, and may be used to track the online movement of users or to record when products have been ordered from our Site.  Web beacons help us and our third party partners better manage content delivery by informing us when you are on our Sites and what content is effective.  We also use web beacons in our emails to let us know which emails the recipients have opened.

Please see Sections II and III of this Policy to see how we use, share and disclose information collected through technological methods.

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2. Use, Sharing & Disclosure of Your Information

A. How we use your information:
We use the information we collect in a variety of ways, including:

  • to provide you with a good user experience on the Site;
  • to allow you to take advantage of Interactive Tools available in your Personal Account (see Section III of this Policy for more information);
  • to process and fulfill your order or request;
  • to operate and improve the Sites and Services (e.g., detect problems with our servers);
  • to manage data including tracking and analyzing your use and activities on the Sites;
  • for internal purposes, such as confirming and tracking your order, subscription or registration, and for billing purposes;
  • to understand your use of the Sites and Services;
  • to better tailor and target advertisements and content to you while you are on our Sites (see Section III of this Policy for more information);
  • to communicate with you;
  • to contact recipients to schedule delivery of an order or to determine their satisfaction with their gift;
  • to offer you products and services including offers from our Affiliates or direct marketing companies unless you opt-out of receiving such offers;
  • to conduct research; and
  • to develop aggregated anonymized data for reporting purposes

Please see Section I of this Policy to see the types of information we collect.

B. How we share your information:
We may share your information with Affiliates, service providers, and other third parties in the following ways:

  • to help operate the Sites and Services;
  • to facilitate fulfillment of a transaction or request such as a request to unsubscribe from receiving marketing materials; 
  • to facilitate promotional direct mail for products and/or services offered on our Sites; or
  • to enable service providers to conduct statistical research on aggregated anonymized data for us

Examples of such third parties include vendors who process credit card payments, service providers who compile and analyze data collected by us, service providers who supplement or match information we have collected with information from other parties, Advertisers, floral and gift distributors, promotional service providers, call centers, and email support vendors.  Upon entering into relationships with these parties, we implement contractual and technical protections to limit the use of your information to the scope of the Services.

In addition, we may share information in the following circumstances:

  • without notice, to law enforcement or government agencies in response to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process (including civil and criminal) or otherwise as required by law; 
  • in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, and situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or in cases where we believe the Terms of Use are being violated; or
  • in connection with the actual or potential sale of our business.

Please see Section I of this Policy to see the types of information we collect.  If at any time you wish that your PII or other information be removed from our database, please follow procedures described in Section III of this Policy.

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3. Targeted Advertising, Opt-Outs & Modifications

A. Targeted Advertising:
Unless you elect not to receive targeting advertising or you opt-out of accepting cookies as described below, we may display targeted advertisements to you while you are on our Sites based on information we obtain from you, about you, and/or from third parties.
We work together with advertisers, agencies, and other companies that connect advertisers to websites (collectively, the “Advertisers”) in order to send you targeted advertisements to you while you are on our Sites.  The content of the advertisements sent to you is based on information that we or third parties may have collected about you such as demographic information (gender, age, general geographic location, etc.). In addition we may have collected certain behavioral information.  Behavioral information is information about your preferences that is collected or inferred based on your navigation of and searches you perform on our Sites, and your purchases and subscriptions on our Sites.  

We and our Advertisers may use technological methods to measure the effectiveness of advertisements and to personalize advertising content; for example, web beacons may enable us or our Advertisers to recognize your browser when you visit our Sites or when you open a promotional email.  In addition, a unique third-party cookie may be placed or recognized on your browser when you visit our Sites or when you open a promotional email. 

You may opt-out of targeted advertising from many Advertisers by clicking on the link(s) below to (i) identify those companies that have placed an advertising cookie on your computer, mobile device or other similar device, and (ii) determine how to opt out from receiving targeted advertisements from such company(ies):

Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”):

Please note that although you may opt out of targeted advertising, you may continue to see advertisements; these advertisements may not, however, be as relevant to you as targeted ads.

If you choose to opt-out of receiving targeted advertising, please note that the opt-out tools accessed through the link above are specific to the browser and computer, mobile device or other similar device you are using at the time you opt out. Your opt-out choice cannot be honored if you access our Sites using a different browser on this computer, mobile device or other similar device or if you access our Sites from a different device.  Also, since the opt-out tools involve placing a special cookie on your browser, your opt-out choice cannot be honored if all cookies on your device(s) are deleted.  As a result, you should repeat this process with each browser and device you use to access the Sites and Services and whenever cookies are deleted from your device(s).  FTD has no control over any opt-out tool offered by others and cannot guarantee the performance of such tools.

Instead of using the cookie-based opt-out tools described above, you may also choose to not allow cookies to be stored on your computer, mobile device, or other similar device by modifying your web browser settings.  Each browser is different, so make sure to check each browser’s user guide to learn how to change your cookie preferences for each browser.  If you choose to reject cookies, however, you may not be able to automatically access products and services offered by us that require a user “login” or “sign in,” and additionally any cookie-based opt-out tools may not be implemented on your device.

Please see Section I.C of this Policy for more information on technological methods of collection such as cookies and web beacons.

B. Email and Postal Mail:
If you have set up a Personal Account or made a purchase from, you may receive e-mail, advertisements and promotions from us, Advertisers, and trusted partners regarding products or services we believe you may be interested in, new features or products we are introducing, tips on product use, and promotions.  Note, however, that we want to communicate with you only if you want to hear from us. If you decide that you wish to cease receiving such e-mail or direct mail marketing, you may do so at any time by opting-out of participation in these marketing activities.

We respect our customers' mail preferences. gives you several options for altering or removing your information from the database at any time.

To unsubscribe from receiving promotional emails, you have the following options:

  • click here and please be sure to include your email address,  
  • follow the unsubscribe instructions included in any of the promotional emails that we send you; or
  • speak with a customer care representative at 1-800-SEND-FTD (1-800-736-3383) or

Once your unsubscribe request is processed, we will not send you further promotional emails from the site from which you have requested to be unsubscribed, unless you opt back into receiving promotional emails from our Sites. Please understand it may take up to 10 business days for the opt-out to take effect.

To remove your name from our postal mailing list, call a customer care representative at 1-800-SEND-FTD (1-800-736-3383) or 630-719-7756.  Please note that sometimes it may take 6 - 10 weeks for your postal address removal to become effective.

To update your name, address or email address, please call a customer care representative at 1-800-SEND-FTD (1-800-736-3383) or 630-719-7756.

You may also alter or remove your information, including your PII, from our database by writing us at: Customer Service
3113 Woodcreek Drive
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Note that when you purchase from us, enter one of our sweepstakes or other promotions, we may need to contact you via phone, email or mail to complete your order or entry, etc., even if you have opted-out of receiving marketing communications from us. These transaction-related communications (including but not limited to registration, password reminder, order status, shipment confirmation, and reminder service) are necessary to enable us to process your order or provide the services that you have requested, and you may not opt out of such communications.

C. Interactive Tools
Within your Personal Account, you have the option to use third party interactive tools such as a personal date reminder service or a free online address book (the “Interactive Tools”).  Note that these Interactive Tools are subject to their own unique set of privacy policies and terms of use, which shall be presented to you for your review and acceptance prior to accessing such Interactive Tools.  You may view, edit or opt out of using these Interactive Tools at any time by modifying the settings in your Personal Account.

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4. How We Keep Your Information Secure

We use the Secure Sockets Layer (the “SSL”) technology. SSL encrypts your order information as additional protection against the decoding of that information by anyone other than us. However, despite all reasonable security precautions and processes, such as password protection, encryption technology, and use of firewall technology, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect all Personal Information we collect and process, we cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you transmit to or from our Sites, and you do so at your own risk. Once we receive your transmission, we will take commercially reasonable precautions to protect its security on our systems.

Your password will be your personal, secret entry code to access your Personal Account at our Sites. You may access your Personal Account by requesting a password from us (go to My Account) and then signing in with that password. Personal Account information is kept on a secure server and a password is needed to access any Personal Account areas. You can change your password, edit your PII or request a password reminder at any time. We recommend that you keep your password in a safe place and that you always sign off your Personal Account and close your browser window once you have finished your visit. These precautions will help prevent someone else from accessing your Personal Account, especially if you share a computer with other people or use a computer in a public place such as an Internet café or library.

Personal Information we collect on and related to the Sites will be stored on secure servers located in the United States.

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5. Child Protection

We take special care to protect the safety and privacy of children. Our Sites are general audience sites. Consumers making purchases on our Sites must have a valid credit card and be 18 years of age or older. It is the policy of not to collect personally identifiable information on any person under the age of 18 and we request that any person under age 18 not submit any personally identifiable information via our Sites. Our reminder and greeting services are designed not to gather birthdates (with years) or other personally identifiable information for children under 13.

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6. Changes to The Privacy Policy

By using the Sites or Services, you signify your acceptance to this Policy.  If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not use any of the Sites or Services.  We reserve the right to make changes in this Policy at any time.  Please check the Policy each time you use our Sites or Services to ensure you are aware of any changes in our privacy practices. This Policy will indicate the date it was last updated.  Your continued use of our Sites or Services will signify your acceptance of the changes to this Policy.  Notification of any changes to this Policy will be posted on the home page and/or member start page.

If you have any questions about this Policy please contact us at: Legal Department
3113 Woodcreek Drive
Downers Grove, IL 60515

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7. International Users

The information we collect from users is processed and maintained in the United States, where privacy laws may not be as protective as in your home country. If you are using our Sites from outside of the United States, by providing information to us you are consenting to the transfer of the information to the United States for processing in a manner consistent with this Policy.

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